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YOUTH Bead Bracelet With Science STEM Charms



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Product Description

Support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) awareness and confirm your Genius status by wearing your S.T.E.M. Inspired jewelry from the Team Genius Squad’s exclusive S.T.E.M Jewelry Collection! Each piece is handcrafted and unique. The bracelet and necklace include a luxurious hot pink 12mm beads, a solid stainless steel Team Genius Squad logo charm with a pi sign, and a gorgeous pink sparkling heart. A soft Team Genius Squad duster pouch is included with each piece to ensure safekeeping. Make your mark on the world with your Team Genius Squad jewelry today!

  • Acrylic Bead Bracelet with Team Genius Squad logo charms available in 5 different colors and styles
  • Silver Shimmer: Team Genius Squad Logo Charm, 10mm/1.0 cm Bead size
  • White Shimmer: Team Genius Squad Logo Charm, SCIENCE ATOM Symbol Charm, and gray 20mm Tassle, 12mm/1.2cm Bead size
  • Pink Heart: Team Genius Squad Logo Charm and HOT PINK HEART, 12mm/1.2cm Bead size
  • Pink: Team Genius Squad Logo Charm, 12mm / 1.2 cm Bead size
  • Purple Shimmer: Team Genius Squad Logo Charm and MICROSCOPE Charm, 10mm / 1.0 cm Bead Size
  • Beads mounted with double elasticized cord
  • All charms are solid stainless steel
  • All Bracelet sizes, Length: 7 inches

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