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Diving Into Slime Gel and Goop STEM Experiment Lab Kit



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Product Description

Be a Certified Genius with The Magic School Bus Diving Into Slime Gel and Goop Experiment Starter Kit! Everyone loves the Magic School Bus! Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists diving into slime, gel, and goop with fun and fabulous experiments in this award-winning STEM kit. Young Scientists discover oobleck, produce glue from milk, grow jiggly marbles, make snow from super-absorbent crystals, form a bouncy ball, create slime, expand super-absorbent gel crystals, melt fake snow, learn about polymers, and much, much more! This polymer kit includes extra gels, super-absorbent crystals, and marbles to repeat the fun! Seatbelts everyone! Get ready to Dive into Slime, Gel, and Goop! 

Included in the Experiment Kit:

  • 4 Alligator Clips
  • 3 Copper Wires
  • 3 Zinc Wires
  • Low Wattage Light Bulbs
  • Easy To Follow Instructions


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