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Why Should We Invest In S.T.E.M. Education?

STEM Education for Kids

Why Should We Invest in STEM Education

Let’s face it. American education in some areas is not what it once looked like. Not only in a lack of resources in some areas, but also, and much more dangerous, a lack of interest and desire to go into these fields. In fact, there are some scary figures out there that state that only 20% of high school graduates (, 2021) [1]are even prepared for intensive majors related to STEM fields. Before we go even further, let’s identify what STEM is and why it is so important

What is S.T.E.M.?

It is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and it is basically one of the leading reasons why we have the type of technology we have today, and why our world is able to feel so connected, when we are still so physically far apart. It is such a critical and on demand field, that each individual aspect should have its own focus. It really is the future both from an educational and career perspective. The Technology area is currently the biggest push, with the focus shifting to mathematical sciences over the next ten years. (Labor, 2021) [2]

What type of careers are we talking about for our future?

For all of those wondering what types of careers you can make with this, it isn’t mad scientists or those that want to be the next Elon Musk… only. These are in demand jobs that cover so many different types of roles in our society to simply keep us running

Science jobs

These range from biologists to virologists who develop new ways to keep us living longer and safe from potential new diseases. They are always at the forefront of trying to understand the most important thing out there, and that is us.

Technology jobs

Common roles here are developers who will help with the next social media application, to a way for you to be able to work anywhere in the world, to cybersecurity teams that will help keep you online in a safe and private manner. This area is one of the largest growing areas (technology) as it ties to not only other S.T.E.M related jobs, but those that do not directly fall into the S.T.E.M category  

Engineering Jobs

These can be anything from structural engineers who help build and maintain our bridges and roadways (and eventually design bridges and tunnels to connect us to other parts of the world), to energy related engineers that work to keep our fossil fuel usage efficient, while looking for new ways for us to find energy that is clean and renewable.

Medical Jobs

These are not just your doctors, but also nurses and  physicians assistants, These are becoming in demand, due to there already being a lack of people that seem to find a desire to be in this field. There’s no point in considering the other areas if we do not have enough people who can professional take care of us and keep us healthy!

For those that are looking for what is always in demand, US news is always posting the top in demand S.T.E.M careers. (USNEWS, 2021)[3]

Look at some of those salaries! There must be so many people that want to do this!

Well as a matter of fact there are a lot of people who think they want to do this but eventually there are other paths that simply are easier for most people, and those dreams or ideas fall of. Simply put, getting an education in STEM in high school, then transitioning to a STEM university and getting through this education can be quite difficult. It can be so difficult that there are those that could experience burnout during their educational term and eventually become so dissatisfied learning their field they completely lose all the passion to continue it.

In fact, in a research study in 2018, more than half the United States agrees that these fields can be very difficult (Pew, 2018)[4], and that could be a reason why there is that imbalance of the steady increase of STEM positions, and simply not enough interested parties to fill in those spots.

Can one blame them? These can be the most difficult subjects that people pursue, and usually some of these fields require a mix of several difficult subjects combined. An engineer will require not only math but physics as well, while those in technology will need to learn new languages to be able to speak and write computer. Those in the medical field need to learn everything there is about human biology, plus chemistry and other natural sciences to make sure they’re well rounded for any situation, on top of the extra years of training via medical school. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible, it’s just that we need to re-assert the necessity of this field and really spark some interest in our most important generation, which is our current youngest one.

That sounds good, but I heard that it can be especially tough for girls.

This is both true and false. There have been many leaps and strides to promote women in this field, yet even though they are nearly half the US workforce, only 27% of women in the US are in STEM related careers. (Census, 2021)[5]. This has been steadily increasing and that’s due to the fact that there is a huge push to bring the better gender to the forefront of our most critical careers and jobs possible.

This push has come from a wide variety of areas, with the biggest movement coming from the technology center, with completely dedicated companies that are simply there to help promote women to learn coding. They are both localized in the US, but you see more and more of these types of academies and partnerships sparking all over the world, not only promoting our young and smartest generation, but also exposing them to the positivity and connection on a global level.

This doesn’t simply come from experience women who have had to get some ground for the past couple of decades, but it has also inspired children who are considering to get into the STEM fields to help promote the importance of not only girls in STEM careers, but the overall section and its importance.

Introducing Ava the S.T.E.M Princess ®

Ava is one of those genius girls who was inspired to make a difference and utilize her intellect as well as her passion to take advantage of the right types of social channels and become a global S.T.E.M ambassador. She is purely focused on showcasing how fun and exciting S.T.E.M careers can be, by showing in reality what it is all about.

She has created a platform where she shows experiments that may seem simple, but are powered by S.T.E.M principles. She then brings it to a level where anyone can understand, showing that even someone as young as her can help empower her fellow community and spread the news that S.T.E.M careers and lifestyle can be really for anyone who is ready to put in the hard work and dedication.

Take a look at her story here. In addition you can find additional information about not only her but the entire Team Genius Squad, and where they will be presenting next. 

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